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The Hunts
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Our Dogs
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Monday, January 21, 2013


 When I think about the Bible and how God calls us his own and that we are like Royalty adopted into his family I cant help but think about the millions of Babies....Royalty in God's eyes that lay awake at night longing for a forever family. Dreaming of the day that someone will come rescue them from there present state of living a nightmare and treat them as they should be treated....as God sees them.

Its true friends....what you hear people say...Once your eyes are opened up to truth you are never able to shut them. My husband and I have recently been asking for God to continue to open our eyes to this dying world around us and find ways to connect with the heart of God and make a difference for the Kingdom in this short life here on earth. So our most recent convictions come in the form of 2 very hard truths...Abortion and Orphans....yes you can stop reading right now if you arent in the mood for the heaviness that those 2 words bring....but take heart that God also feels that same weight with those words.

As we are sorting through and educating ourselves on these 2 topics My heart has taken me on a journey to explore the world of Adoption...and specifically China. I have no idea why other than the holy spirit nudging me to read...educate myself and after prayer allow God to show us what our response is to it.....

Im not saying we are going to adopt a baby girl from China but what I am saying is that its important that we as Christians face the hard Words...and allow God to change us.....We need to be open and honest with ourselves and know that as hard as it is those things exist and they are at the center of the Heart of Christ.

My worst day at home with 2 kids....is some childs best day that lives in an orphanage....

They are Royalty my friends....they are the least of these.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

      This is where we are today....He is always in character ....spiderman, fireman, policeman.....and in this picture he was a tiger. And she loves being on the go in her stroller.

I love her so much. 

 And Parent fail of the week: I sometimes forget how short I am...i mean I am really short.. so when I put my big 3 yr old boy in a high baby swing I didnt really think about how I was going to get him out. Poor kid was stuck there for about 20 minutes and we had to call Andrew to come get hime out!


 We welcomed sweet Josie to our lives on May 18th at 730 in the morning. While the Dr was doing the c section as soon as she touched Josie she started screaming, Dr said...your not born yet, hold on....and I think at that moment I realized this one is going to be a pill. She has colic and acid reflux and continued to scream at us for the next 3 months. After we started her on meds and also figured out she has a severe milk protein allergy she finally started to feel better. And now here we are at 7 months with the sweetest little girl ever. Many days she is easier than Noah and is all smiles. She is only 7 months but has been crawling since she was 5 months old. I guess she is just trying to keep up with her brother.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

  Merry Christmas from my family to yours! as you can tell Josie was way more interested in looking up at the cars overhead and Noah was in a crazy mood. but hey thats our life right now....a little distracted  and crazy
 Oh Josie.....she has been the biggest blessing and challenge yet. At 6 months she is crawling, sitting up and able to sit in a high chair. Her first 6 months we were stuck in survival mode but now im learning that maybe that is just life right now..... She is a passionate baby and loves her momma.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back to Blogging

 Its happening. I am back in the blogging world and I am so excited. My super sweet amazing husband surprised me with a MacBook Air which means we have a computer! Its been over a year since we have had one and I feel like I need to go to a class to relearn how to use it. So what have we been up to? well we have had a kid, Josie who is the sweetest and worst baby ever.... yes all at the same time! Noah really is the sweetest kid and has an amazing heart. We have decided to embark on an awesome adventure with God and our family....we are moving to Hyde Park to start a church and live in community with people who are not like us but who need the gospel. I will be blogging about our adventure along the way.......also I plan on documenting my weight loss journey after baby 2. For some reason my body has decided it was done...I cant lose baby weight, my hair is turning grey and i had skin cancer....its done.....anyway stay tuned!

Monday, January 10, 2011


This past weekend I was sick but needed to get out some craftiness in me so I had a couple of projects I have been waiting to do.....It was my first attempt at making a pillow.....with a gluegun....and lets just say...who needs a sewing machine when a gluegun is just as good other than the burn marks left on my fingers. Just battle wounds, but so much fun. I am about to re do our bathroom and bedroom so stay tuned for before and after pics !!!!